How to Recognize your High Performing Employees

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As an employer, it’s important that you know how to recognize who your high performing employees are. Whoever you choose to place in leadership positions can either make or break your company. Research has shown that companies with strong leadership positions are more likely to double both their profit and their revenue. So how do you identify the right person for the job? Mainly through observation.

High performing employees often have certain habits or characteristics that make them easier for you to spot, but only if you’re paying attention. For example, you should notice that most high performing employees have their own system going – their own way of doing things. It’s their personal way of ensuring organization and focus. This could be seen in an employee’s use of a journal or daily planner, a specific organizational system for their files, or even the way they have arranged their desk.

Another characteristic of a high performing employee is good listening. High performing employees want feedback on their work/performance, and often have no inhibitions when asking about ways to improve. You should be able to see them taking in what they are told and actually implementing it rather than just asking for show. A good way to spot this is if you see an employee taking notes during a conference, or just truly directing their full attention to the speaker. They may even ask questions, making it clear that they are engaged.

Also, high powered employees always hold themselves accountable. They make sure their work gets done on time and in full. If there is ever a time where they cannot deliver by the deadline given, it is because the quality of their work is always the most important – they may have been able to finish the work on time, but it would not have been to the best of their ability. If this is the case, the high powered employee will figure out a way to renegotiate what is deliverable for them. And if they happen to be working in a group project that fails, the high powered employee will step up to accept responsibility. They will ensure it is known that they had an equal part in the failure rather than pointing fingers at everyone else. When the group succeeds, they take and share credit where it’s due amongst the group rather than claiming all the glory for themself. How an employee works in a group project is a good way to determine their leadership capabilities, and high powered employees will always stand out.

Lastly, high powered employees are people committed not only to the growth and development of the company and those around them, but to their personal growth and development as well. They are always open to learning new skills and they do not get frustrated after their first trial and error. They’re persistent and determined to better themselves every day, and they will often set personal goals for themselves along with those already set by their company.

High powered employees are self-motivated, organized, consistent, and responsible. Look for these traits in your current employees, you might just find your next star performer.

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