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The Rise of Generative AI

As generative AI tools like ChatGPT explode in popularity, business leaders are grappling with a wave of anxiety about how this technology will impact their organizations. However, with careful strategy and workforce planning, generative AI presents more opportunity than risk. Recent surveys indicate over 75% of executives predict generative AI

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Cultivating Belonging Strategies For An Engaged Workforce

Cultivating Belonging: Strategies for an Engaged Workforce

As organizations seek to inspire employee productivity, performance, and loyalty in today’s competitive landscape, one factor has become increasingly crucial – fostering a strong sense of belonging. Workers who feel valued, connected, and integral to the team demonstrate higher satisfaction, effort, and retention. As such, leaders would be prudent to

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The CEO’s Guide to Boosting Mental Stamina

As the head decision-maker, the daily choices facing a CEO can pile up into a mental mountain. With so many problem-solving peaks to scale, even the sharpest leaders can feel lost in the fog of decision fatigue. This phenomenon drags down productivity and performance at the executive level. To stay

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3 Ways Our Brains Can Undermine Our Leadership Abilities

As recruiters, we’re always on the lookout for strong leaders to fill key roles at our client companies. But even the most seasoned executives can fall victim to innate tendencies of the human brain that work against good leadership. In this newsletter, we’ll explore 3 ways our brains can secretly

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