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Two Women In White Drinking Coffee In Mugs 2422283

Be A Leader Before You Have The Title

What makes a leader? Contrary to popular belief, a leader is more than just a title. What defines a leader is the actions you take before you’re even in a position of leadership. Let’s take a look at what actions are true leadership skills. Helping Others There’s nothing wrong with

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Why Your Employees Are Quitting Within 6 Months of Hire

When you get a job, you expect an on-boarding process. This may be in the form of reading the company handbook, watching safety videos, and filling out paperwork. But is that really enough? Studies show that employees are quitting with the first six months of being hired and a better

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Your HR Team Needs Ongoing Training

In today’s day and age, the workplace moves just as quickly as the world around it. One of the most efficient ways to boost engagement and retention rates among your employees in continued education. Professional development is growing more and more crucial in today’s workplace. Why Is Ongoing Training Important?

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The Law of Buy-In: Leading Change

Exodus 24:1–7 It was a watershed day for everyone—a whole new life had begun! The Israelites got off to a fresh start when they affirmed the covenant God had offered them. To make it work, however, they discovered they would have to change their lifestyles and shift their paradigms—and that

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How To Transition Into A Leadership Role

Congratulations, you’re transitioning into a new leadership role! While this may seem like a challenge, there are things to consider for a more seamless transition. As a new leader, the first impression you make with your team is crucial. Get things started off on the right foot and remember the

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