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JK Consultants Has 30 Years Of Global Leadership Recruitment Experience And Success

We work with clients to design roles and responsibilities and help them hire the right people. We help professionals advance their careers.

Leading Change

Ready to Find Your Next Star Performer? The Law of Buy-In: Leading Change Exodus 24:1–7 It was a watershed day for everyone—a whole new life

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Vacancy Cost Analysis – How much is that opening costing you?

Finding and retaining the best talent for your key positions can be a daunting task. Are you spending time sifting through candidates who either don’t fit the bill, or who don’t have the experience you are seeking? Instead of wasting your time, you can align with an experienced specialized recruiting firm who knows how to find great candidates and, most importantly, the top performing candidates in your industry.

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Learn How To Reduce Turnover Risk

A workplace that makes each employee feel they are a part of something larger and that their work is important for that larger purpose can attract high performers and create significant retention.

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