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The key to success in any company is great leadership. So why, in a recent study, did 75% of HR professionals report that people in leadership positions at their company were only adequate leaders or worse? Other research has shown that two-thirds of employees who quit their jobs are only quitting to get away from their boss. Hiring leaders that are merely sufficient for the role, or worse, makes it very hard to hang on to good employees below them. What do you think about the leaders in your company? How can you ensure your company is hiring only the most effective leaders?

For starters, make sure your hiring managers are well versed in their interview skills. It has been shown that 72% of hiring decisions are based solely on the interview. Companies with the most successful employees provide their hiring managers with interview training in order to ensure they are more than adequately equipped to assess candidates. The most important skill a hiring manager can have is the ability to understand people. They must be able to define and identify personality and behavioral traits in candidates that have the potential to bring the company the most success. It might also help to utilize various interviewing techniques and assessments to help identify these traits. So, step one to hiring strong leaders is making sure your hiring manager has the proper training to evaluate and appoint the best candidate for the position.

Step two is finding the best recruiting strategies. The top three channels used to source candidates are online job boards, employee referrals, and social networking sites. Employee referrals came second, and online job boards in third. As for the channel that provided the highest quality of candidates, social networking sites topped them all at 81%. It may seem shocking that social media provided the highest quality people, but it’s not really. If you have a leader who knows how to present themselves to the world, employer branding is made that much easier, and social media is one of the best methods to do that.

The third step to hiring strong leaders is to create strong leaders. Your hiring managers have been trained to hire those with the strongest leadership potential, now it is your turn to nurture that potential – help it grow and develop. Companies with the most effective leaders provide succession management programs and leadership training. Make sure you have development plans in place to build upon employees’ natural leadership capabilities.

The bottom line to all of this is that the quality of a company’s leadership does have a noticeable effect on how successful they are in just about every aspect. Most importantly strong leadership attracts strong employees, and is much more effective at retaining them. Utilizing succession management programs, leadership development, and effective hiring practices are the best ways to ensure your company maintains strong leadership.

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