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We are a senior level search firm with more than 30 years of experience serving all industries. Our clients have breakthroughs to better performance in today’s business environment by hiring transformative leaders.

JK Consultants by the Numbers


of our candidates have exceeded their 1st year established goals and objectives.


of our placed candidates have more than 4 years tenure with their organizations.


of the time we present top candidates usually within 3 weeks.


of our business comes from referrals or repeat clients.


average savings benefit through our process.


We are the only recruiting firm who has always offered a one-year guarantee, the longest in the industry.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our Foundational Pillars

Quality candidates

The best candidates already have careers. Get connected with rigorously vetted, hard-to-get, high-performing industry front-runners.

Fast Results

How much is that vacant position costing your company? Filling that position creates the possibility of growth. We move fast, offering top candidates in as little as three weeks, and assisting with rapid onboarding.

Strong Relationships

We establish enduring, client-driven relationships, because you never know where professional friendships may lead.

Our Process. Your Success.

We support you and your new team member before, during and after the hire

The Search

We screen industry superstars for qualities that are tailored to your needs, including business and leadership acumen, behavior style, and motivators. We spend time with you to assess:

Company Culture and Goals

New Position Objectives

Challenges to Overcome

The Decision

In as little as 3 weeks, we provide top candidates and help you assess them against your team goals, and offer interview guidance. We will connect you with candidates based on:

Leadership and Acumen

Interview Guidance

Job Benchmarking Surveys

The Placement

We offer support and tools for knowing competitors and winning over your ideal candidate, while protecting the integrity of your team and company goals. Our support includes:

Meeting Coordination

Transitional Support

Compensation Consulting

The Future

Once you’ve selected your perfect candidate, we assist with a smooth transition so that you can quickly integrate your new hire and align them with your goals. Our post-hire support includes:

Resignation Process

Employment and Onboarding

Post-Hire Check-Ins

Why Search Firm

Why Leverage a Search Firm?

Key Advantages of Going Beyond an In-House Hiring Manager

SPEED & FOCUS: A search firm is faster than your HR department because its sole purpose is to find you a perfect fit. And by utiliziing cutting-edge recruitment methods and existing industry connections, star performers can be accessed more quickly.

ACCESS TO TOP CANDIDATES: Executive search recruiting firms have access to a level of candidates that your HR department simply cannot match. Career candidates can be sourced from parallel industries and existing employment networks.

EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE:  Search firms have the resources to go beyond matching skills to tasks. The right candidate aligns with your company on all levels. A search firm should go beyond experience to match leadership styles, motivators and team culture.

HIRING SUPPORT: With a high-level search firm, you have ongoing support before, during and after a new hire, independent of internal changes and backed by recruitment experience and success.

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One Year Guarantee

Our One-Year Guarantee is the Best in the Industry

It’s a bold move, backed by our track record and three decades of success.

Backed by over three decades of experience and success, we are one of the first search firms to offer a one-year guarantee, the longest in the industry.

We are so confident in our recruiting process that provides a complete view of a candidate that we believe we achieve better results identifying the right person for the position.