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Ready to Find Your Next Star Performer? The Ten Spies vs. the Two Spies Numbers (13:1–14:10) AS ISRAEL approached the Jordan River, Moses sent out

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The Law of Empowerment:

Ready to Find Your Next Star Performer? Assyria’s King Failed to Develop Other Leaders and Paid for It Nahum (3:18, 19) Through Nahum, God offers

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A Leader’s Legacy

Ready to Find Your Next Star Performer?                                                                              Numbers 27:18–23 Of all the wonderful ways Moses expressed his leadership, the most strategic had to be

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BECOMING A LEADER is a lot like investing in the stock market. If you hope to make a fortune in a day, you’re doomed. It’s what you do day by day, over the long haul, that matters most. If you continually develop your leadership, letting your “assets” compound over time, the inevitable result is growth.

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SECURITY PROVIDES the foundation for strong leadership. When we feel insecure, we drift from our mission whenever trouble arises. We must feel secure, or when people stop liking us; when funding drops; when morale dips; or when others reject or criticize us—we will crumble. If we do not feel secure, fear will eventually cause us to sabotage our leadership.

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