6. Can Executive Search Firms Recruit from My Competitors?

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Are you restricted from any of the firms that we need to recruit from? My competitors?

Some companies specialize within your industry and know it well. That’s a two-edged sword. The problem is you have to ask them: “Are you able to recruit from some of my key competitors?” They may be too well aligned and have an alliance with those companies, henceforth they can’t go in there and recruit some of their best people.

The other side of the coin is a firm that doesn’t know anything about your industry and is a generalist. Their challenge is going to be that it’s going to take them generally about three to six months to learn your industry, your space, your lingo, and that just means time and money. And we already talked about that, didn’t we?

You need to find a company that is well-balanced. Knows enough about your industry, but at the same time doesn’t have alliances or allegiance to your key competitors. In other words, they can go into your space, industry, and be able to recruit the best of the best from those companies.

At JK Consultants, we have a strategy. We select only two or three key industry leaders in each market or region. This leaves us the majority of the market space for us to go what I call fishing.

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