7. How Fast Can Executive Recruitment Firms Deliver Candidates?

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How fast can I expect to see candidates? That’s one of the first top three questions I’m generally asked, and it should be one of your top three questions.

When hiring a recruiting firm, results are paramount. Be sure to ask any company you’re considering how quickly are you going to be able to see some great candidates. Look for a firm that is confident with answers, not wishy washy responses.

Bottom line is the longer the position is open, the longer it costs you money, and that’s more than you will ever pay that search firm.

At JK Consultants, we have a three-legged stool that we’ve built our company on, and one of them is speed. In fact, we are committed to identifying eighty percent of what I call the bulls eye candidates within three weeks’ time. Can you search firm speak that confidently about what they’re going to do and how fast they’re going to produce results for you?

How are candidates being presented to you? Are you just getting a résumé? Come on, let’s be serious. You should be getting a complete write-up profile, personality surveys, and much more. At the end of the day, in order to do the right job, you have to have personally interviewed these people. And if they’re not giving you all that background information, you’re being cheated. Don’t settle for just a résumé.

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