4 Crucial Things Leaders Must Know About Their Employees

Employee Culture

Each employee finds value in differing actions of their leaders. Here are some of the crucial things that you should consider about your employees to become a highly successful C-suite manager.

Simply put, not all leadership styles resonate with every employee. It can be a challenge to translate technical talent as an employee into great management style and behavior. However, a CEO or C-Suite management position can tremendously benefit from having someone who is highly skilled, with a strong vision, and with technical talent.

So, how can you translate all of that into a single leadership role? It starts with working on the capability to understand those who work around you. It’s crucial to know specific things about your employees and about your team’s dynamic. Here’s where to get started…

Provide Recognition when Earned
Providing proper recognition is one of the most priceless things that a manager can do for their employees. This is especially true when it comes to team or solo wins by employees. Many people are motivated by the recognition of those whom they both respect or idolize. It’s important to recognize the accomplishments of a team that may have helped you to achieve success in your career as well.

Beyond verbal recognition, establishing a fair monetary incentive or system that will help your employees feel recognized can also be a major stepping stone. Unfortunately, positive feedback doesn’t pay the bills of the employees that you appreciate. Try to remember that most are motivated to be loyal when they’re taken care of and their needs are met.

Focus on Internal Staff Development
Employees who want to develop their skills, learn more about the industry, and to continually grow are the ones that you want to have around long-term. Providing resources, funding, and opportunities to your employees for professional development can help motivate the best talent in your organization.

Particularly, offering internal staff development opportunities at a challenging time (such as a global pandemic) can be a great way to shake up the routine and keep morale high. Internal staff development opportunities can also help employees understand their purpose and future direction which can lead to increased productivity, ambition, and total work quality.

Finally, attracting new talent with internal staff development opportunities is a great strategy. Ensure that your HR, hiring managers, and recruiters advertise the professional development opportunities that are available to employees. Actively leveraging this “work perk” during hiring seasons can lead to long-term talent recruitment and talent retention benefits.

Create an Environment to Thrive
Leaders must build a culture that’s designed for growth and for employees to thrive. If the C-Suite is recognizing that there’s a disconnect with employees and their morale or overall attitude – it’s time to reassess.

Creating a workplace where people feel they have shared values is so incredibly important. Not only for the short-term but also for the long-term vision in terms of hiring and maintaining the right workforce.

Always Maintain Trust
Finally, managers must continue to foster an atmosphere of trust. The key to doing this is to follow through on your word with actions. Don’t reveal people’s personal opinions or “throw them under the bus”. Leaders only have one shot to maintain trust and integrity. If the trust is broken over time, it will not be long until employees head for the door to find a different opportunity.

What else should leaders know about their employees?
Communication through all channels is a major key to keeping employees satisfied in the workplace. Actively hear the needs of your staff not as a personal failing but as them placing their trust in you to make change when you can. Explain how you’re resolving problems, working on their criticisms, or moving the needle forward in whatever way you have the power to. Being a great leader comes down to absolute communications in as many situations as possible.

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