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If you want to get ahead at work, then be happy, optimistic and full of energy. Those that lack positivity are not typically as successful. Resilience and optimism win over coworkers and supervisors rather than the opposite of negativity.

Be happy and you’ll get ahead at the office. Here is why.

Endless Possibilities
Happy people have a competitive edge over their coworkers. They tend to see endless possibilities and angles to make things work. Negative people are limited because of their more narrow focus. When you are happier at work, you advance in your career rather than get held back because of your own hang ups.

Dare to Be Different
You can stand out by having an upbeat outlook. Most workers complain, argue, rant about things they don’t like. However, people that have a pleasant demeanor tend to get noticed, gain recognition, and eventually, they get the first glance at promotion time.

Well-liked Translates to Security
Employees that are likable tend to win favor with their superiors and are appreciated by their coworkers. Happy people tend to be well-liked and are considered for team projects, leadership roles, and growth opportunities. Job security is more prevalent for those that stay positive. Those with a negative attitude are typically the first to go at layoff time.

Satisfaction Pays Off
While money can’t make you happy, studies show that happiness will make you money. People that have a greater job satisfaction tend to do a better job in their role and make more money in the long run than an unsatisfied employee who is slacking drive and strong work ethic.
An Attitude of Gratitude

You can’t force yourself to be happy; however, you can have an attitude of gratitude. Psychologists suggest people write down three things per day that they are grateful for and make it a habit for three weeks. You’ll find that you spend time each day looking for the positive in life and your attitude will change. This will help you seem happier at work.

Focus on the positive, try to be happy, and you’ll see the benefits pour in at work. You’ll be seen in a more positive light and get ahead more quickly. No one likes a Debbie Downer. Be the opposite, and you’ll go far.

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