How To Quantify ANYTHING On Your Resume

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Top candidates and employees need to know how to justify the cost of their employment. It’s important to understand your value but even more important to be able to clearly convey that to others. How does one pull that off? You must quantify your skills, accomplishments, and experience on your resume.

Quantify, Quantify, Quantify
Quantifying is the name of the game. You have to explain why you are a better choice than other candidates or coworkers. What are you able to do to get the job done more quickly? How are you more thorough? Those are the questions you have to answer in advance and be prepared to share.

Simple Equation
If you have a hard time quantifying your worth, then you need one simple equation that makes all the difference. Utilize this simple trick:

No company will invest in you if you can’t provide the solutions and results that they need. You can look more impressive if you quantify what you’re worth on a resume or during an interview.

Take a look at these examples and decide which one looks more impressive.

1st Candidate: Worked to fundraise more money for Cystic Fibrosis research.
2nd Candidate: Increased fundraising contributions for Cystic Fibrosis research by 17% since 2016 and raised $25,000 in 2017 alone.

Each candidate worked hard to increase fundraising efforts for Cystic Fibrosis research; however, the second candidate really shines. Why? Of course, it’s because they provided quantifying results that exemplify their worth.

Your Resume can be Quantified
Regardless of your goal, if you quantify your worth, your boss or your future employer will understand the value you add. Maybe you are searching for a job or perhaps you want to be promoted within your company. Either way, you need to think about ways to quantify your accomplishments.

Write out a list of your career achievements. Make a note of each accomplishment, big or small. Think about them in terms of how many, how long, how much, and when. Expand upon this list and find ways to quantify all that you’ve done.

Rather than saying that you “greatly increased sales over the last quarter” quantify it and say that you “increased sales by 20% over the last quarter and are on point to increase them another 5% by end of next quarter.”
Don’t forget this equation! Numbers = Results = Value.

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