How to Improve Your Relationships with Recruiters:

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Recruiters are essential these days. How else do you find top candidates for your company? The goal should always be to work smarter and not harder. A strong relationship with your recruiter will help with this process.

Tips to Improve Your Relationships:

1. Communication is Key
Be sure that you communicate by email, phone and even the occasional letter by mail. The goal is to communicate well so that the expectations are understood.
Your recruiter is an extension of you and the more you communicate the better. Plus, not everyone likes email or the phone. You need to figure out how your recruiter is best reached.

2. Unqualified Candidates
Nothing is more frustrating than having a recent batch of candidates that you are not interested in. Perhaps it’s time to meet with your recruiter and refine the screening process.
Be sure that everything is out on the table. Create a checklist and even a firm parameter that must be met.
The more qualified the candidates that you bring in the better. You want to make the best selection and have flexibility when it comes to decision making.

3. Lack of Talent
Are you struggling to find people interested in your position? Do you wonder if there is any talent left in the pool of job seekers?
While it can be tough, don’t throw in the towel too soon. Take a look at the job description and how you are marketing the position. Get your recruiter involved and tweak the process together.
You’ll find that it’s helpful for both parties involved. Plus, you’ll most likely see some new talent start to surface.

4. Encourage Input
Your recruiter will often follow your lead. While that can be good in many ways, you may want to encourage their input.
Two heads are often better than one. I think you’ll find that they may have some great suggestions to bring to the table. After all, it is what they do!
Get involvement from your recruiters! They will feel more valued and you’ll see the fruits of your labor together.
Your relationship with recruiters is worth some investment. Over time, the effort will pay off and your company will have more qualified, talented candidates to choose from.

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