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In business, getting a yes from potential customers is the ultimate goal. You won’t have a successful company if no one purchases your products or services.

In the world of email communication, you have likely seen many great calls-to-action. However, these calls fall short of getting a potential buyer to say yes. Simply telling someone that you want them to call you is not enough. That puts the entire burden on that person.

When you reach out to a person via email, it is not to get them to drop everything they are doing and jump through hoops so they can get in touch with you. Rather, the point of your email is to get a conversation going with the potential person.

If you make the sole purpose of your email to get them to look at their calendar, find a time they can contact you, and then patiently sit around for your sales pitch, you are going to fail.

To build a more effective email campaign with your potential customers, you need to end your message with a very definitive question that requires a simple yes or no answer. If you want to get a yes from the customer, then the yes part has to have very little in the way of commitment.

Don’t leave them with, “Would you like to buy my product?” That answer is going to come back as “no” more times than not. To get a simple “yes”, ask questions like, “Would you like more information?”, “Can we talk more about this prospect?”, and so on.

Once you get a “yes” back from them, you have now entered into an email conversation. After receiving permission from the potential client, you can pursue more of a relationship. It is important that you build your email campaigns in a way that it is easy for the person you are contacting to respond.

The easier you make getting them to say “yes” the more likely they will. After you have built a good foundation with your potential client, you can guide them through the services and products you provide that will add value to their life. You might even find that they are not a good candidate for your services and you can stop wasting everyone’s time.

Getting a “yes” needs to be your first priority. Then you can go on from there.


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