4 Critical Signs You Need To Improve Your Relationship With Your Recruiter

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Maybe you have been working with the same recruiter or recruiters for a while, but they aren’t bringing you the results you were hoping for. First thing that comes through your mind is that they are falling down on the job. The truth is, it is more likely your poor relationship with them that keeps them from finding you the right candidates.

Here are 4 signs that you need to boost your relationship with your recruiter.

1. You Make All of the Decisions Without the Recruiters Input
Often times, you and the recruiters are both pressed for time. In those events, you end up evaluating the talent data yourself and making a decision.

It is best for your recruiter to be given the data so that they can go over it with you. They are trained in this area and you should rely on them to help you make the best choice. After all, this is one of the big reasons why you are working with them.

2. There Doesn’t Seem to Be Any Good Candidates
Once you have an idea in mind of what your candidate needs to resemble, you and the recruiter start the search. After a while, you walk away feeling like the right person isn’t out there.

It is pretty easy to surmise the issue is in the talent. More than likely, the issue is not properly communicating with your recruiter.

You have this idea of what you need out of an employee in your mind. Does your recruiter really understand that picture? It might be time to sit back down and explain exactly what you need.

3. All Communication Happens Through Digital Means
It is ok to use email to communicate some things with your recruiter. The problem lies within that being your entire form of communication. Email makes it very hard to express everything plainly.

Beside it being a more difficult form of communication, it is possible that they are not seeing your emails. People have full inboxes and not enough time in a day to look at everything.

Pick up the phone and call them to ensure that your information is being heard.

4. You End Up With Unqualified Candidates
Most of the time, your recruiter goes through the screening process alone and presents to you a list of candidates. Many times, you will get the stack back and feel less than happy with the results. You end up culling back through the stack yourself.

Instead of letting all of that process rest on your recruiter, take some time to go through those candidates together. This will improve your chances of getting a better employee.

How is your relationship with your recruiter?
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