What to Do The Night Before an Interview

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Do you get all stressed out the night before an interview? If you allow yourself to get frazzled, you’ll set yourself up to fail. Preparation is all you need for success.

As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”(Benjamin Franklin) Don’t let that be your story. Instead, implement the following six things the night before you have an interview:

• Know where you are going
If you haven’t already driven by the location of the interview, then try to. Print out directions and look them over on a map or GPS to be sure you know where you are going. There is nothing worse than being late because you didn’t familiarize yourself with the interview location.

• Pick out your outfit
Don’t skip this step. Select an outfit and to be sure it’s well pressed and looks neat. Waiting until the day of the interview to find something to wear is unneeded stress.

Set your alarm and a backup
Be sure to set your alarm and give yourself some extra time for preparation. Set a backup alarm for any unseen circumstances like a power outage, or you are sleeping too hard. If you are late to an interview, you’ll likely not be invited back for a second.

• Meal plan
Decide the night before what you’d like to have for breakfast. (or lunch) Even if you normally skip breakfast, take the time to have a nutritious meal. You’ll be more focused and alert if you eat something.

• Print your resume
Take a moment and print out your resume. The more prepared you look the better. While you are at it, try to pack your bag, briefcase, purse, or anything you plan to take with you so that you have all in one place and put it by the door.

• Prepare for unforeseen mishaps
In other words, prepare for the worst. Heavy traffic, pouring rain, parking garage full, or you spill coffee on your shirt… be prepared. You will want to be sure all your bases are covered because “it” can happen when you need things to go smoothly. Being prepared will keep your anxiety & stress in order.

Preparation is not just key; it’s the secret to success.
Adhere to these tips and you’ll shine as a prospective new employee to your interviewer.

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