The 5 Most Vital Credentials For Today’s Workplace

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Whether you have a college degree or not, any job you apply for requires you to have credentials of some kind. A college degree and years of experience are the most common credentials employers look for in a new hire. Here are 5 important credentials for today’s workplace that most people may not consider.

1. Problem Solving
You solve problems every day. From traffic detours to project management, there are always problems to solve. Problem-solving skills are a necessary credential in any workplace. An employer wants someone who can think quickly and offer solutions. This skill proves useful for any situation.

2. Trustworthiness
The importance of this one is clear. An employee needs to trust others and build trust with other employees. Some practical ways to build trust in the workplace include:

● Communicating clearly and effectively
● Be willing to learn from others
● Responding honestly
● Reach expectations
● Listen with respect
● Handle interpersonal relationships

Building trust happens over time. The main thing is honesty and integrity in every situation.

3. Fearless
This one is tough for many people. You want to show confidence in your position and that is hard depending on your job. Sometimes that means making going for the big promotion or pointing out mistakes to save the company. Employers want someone who will help the company grow. You can still respect your superiors and try something new.

4. Focus-Driven
Those who are focus-driven usually know exactly what they want and how to get it. If you have a specific skill-set, but it to use and go after what you want. Focus-driven people are usually:

● Positive
● Trustworthy
● Taking action steps
● Problem solvers
● Great at multitasking

A company needs people to know how to get things done. Take actions steps and be a leader where you are. Employers will notice that and respect you more.

5. Ask Hard Questions
Employers look for people who want to help the company succeed. Sometimes that means asking the hard questions that people don’t want to think about. This may involve project planning, budget cuts, customer service, or workplace relationships to name a few. Asking the tough questions will lead to company growth and others will trust you.

Strive for these 5 vital credentials whether you’re looking for a job or already in the workplace.

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