What Are Quiet Quitters And Why Is This Phenomenon Common These Days?


Every person wants to achieve great success in what they do, and eventually grow their career. The challenge here is that sometimes things might not work out, and you end up going to work just to have a job. You don’t work more than what the job expectations are, and you get out as soon as the clock shows the end of your schedule.

What is a quiet quitter?
The quiet quitter is a person that won’t work more than what their job description entails. They aren’t engaged in growing the business or anything, instead, they just do their job and nothing else to get paid. Some of them might be unhappy with their position, others just want to find another job but they didn’t find one.

Is this bad for a business?
Generally, you want your business to grow. If you have an office of quiet quitters that just do their job description and nothing else, that’s hard to do, and you need to take action. With that being said, in Toronto, around 4 out of 10 managers are taking on the employee workload to make up for losses generated by quiet quitters. So yes, the issue is there, it is prevalent and you need to take action against it, otherwise, it will become even more problematic.

Does this lead to quiet firing?
As you can imagine, quiet quitters generate a bit of animosity around the office. It also brought a phenomenon named quiet firing. What happens is that employers will avoid an employee, they won’t share critical information, pass them when it comes to promotions, and they won’t even share feedback. Even if it might seem extreme, such a thing will arise and it can lead to a variety of different challenges.

Doing that can demoralize an employee, but that’s the reason why you would do it in the first place since it negates quiet quitters. At some point, the quiet quitters will end up leaving their job, since they see the job itself is not good anymore and they will just move on.

That on its own is exactly a thing you need to take into consideration. It goes to show the challenges that can arise are problematic since quiet quitters might find it hard to sustain their job. This quiet war at the office is something to think about.







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