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Hiring is difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. Companies want a candidate that is the right fit for their company coupled with a top performing individual in the field. Recruiters struggle to find such a person, especially when faced with a deadline and a small pool of potential candidates.

The Issue for Recruiters
The number one complaint from most recruiters is that candidates aren’t qualified. Studies have shown that unemployment is at an historic low in the United States. Also, recruiters are not sure where to advertise in order to obtain top talent for open positions.

Often, candidates don’t have the skills, work experience, or basic knowledge that are required for many positions. Sadly, recruiters feel that their hands are tied because they struggle to find the right people for the position along with the competition from other employers.

What Job Seekers Need to Know
Recruiters feel that an ideal candidate is one that has done the research about the company, position, and the salary package. Job seekers can set themselves apart by being informed. Try to learn all you can about the company and role. Know how to tie in your experience to the job description and be prepared to discuss it during an interview.

Qualified Candidates
Qualified candidates often have the luxury to be a bit pickier. Make sure that you do your homework and are prepared to discuss the company and position at length with your recruiter. Recruiters will sense your preparedness and be intrigued.

Top talent is scarce and the competition for that talent is great. Companies need to rethink their hiring strategy. Consider advertising for open positions differently. Try to network with other companies to learn more about their best practices. Utilize an outside recruiter since they often have candidates that cannot be found anywhere else.

The hiring game has changed, but recruiters and top candidates can be informed so that they are able to achieve their goals.

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