The Difference Maker

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Biblical Examples
Our attitude makes the difference in our life more than just about anything else. All things being equal, the person with a positive, healthy attitude will prevail over the person who may have skill but a lousy attitude. Attitude cannot replace talent, but it’s the difference between two talented people. Below is a biblical treatment of “The Difference Maker.”

1. Where Did You Get Your Attitude?
Our attitude is an inward feeling expressed in our outward behavior. It comes from our personality, our environment, the impact of others, our self image, our exposure to growth opportunities, our association with others, our beliefs, and our choices.

2. What Your Attitude Cannot Do For You
Case Study: Moses, who led the people of Israel to the Jordan river, but wasn’t allowed to cross, despite being a godly leader. Why? His earlier disobedience prevented him. Even though he modeled a great attitude most of the time, it didn’t get him across the river.

Case Study: Joshua, who returned from spying out the Promised Land with a positive attitude about conquering it, wasn’t able to persuade the people to go at that time. This was the people’s disobedience.

3. What Your Attitude Can Do For You
Case Study: Joseph, whose great attitude kept him steady despite being beat up and thrown into a pit by his brothers, sold into slavery, blackmailed by Potiphar’s wife, and forgotten by fellow inmates in prison. What kept Joseph from giving up on his journey from the pit to the prison to the palace? He maintained a positive, hopeful attitude, believing that each step was not an end, but merely a bend in the road.

4. How to Make Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset
Case Study: Ruth. Ruth was an outsider who remained positive and hopeful despite losing her husband early in their marriage. Her mother in law insisted she go home and find a new husband, but she refused to take matters into her own hands and stayed with Naomi and looked after her. Her consistently attractive demeanor drew Boaz to her, and he later asked her to marry him. She became a part of the line of Christ.

Five Big Attitude Obstacles

5. Discouragement
Case Study: Elijah. This great prophet went from conquering the false prophets of Baal to the worst days of his career within a matter of days. Why? Discouragement. He went from victory to defeat quickly and ran from a woman name Jezebel because he felt he was the only one left who was faithful to God. In fact, it took God to restore his perspective.

6. Change
Case Study: Daniel. This young man was removed from his familiar surroundings and taken captive by the Babylonians and the Persians. He was forced to adapt to a new culture and way of life. Talk about change! But Daniel negotiated the changes in his life and maintained his principles. He later became the most influential man in the nation.

7. Problems
Case Study: Job. The story of Job is the story of a man who faced the worst of problems. In a short time, he lost his land, his livestock, his possessions and even his children. To make matters worse, his friends began to throw their theories at him as to why he was going through such a tough time; surely he must have done something wrong to deserve this! But Job’s attitude stayed steady and hopeful and was rewarded by God in the end.

8. Fear
Case Study: David. Do you remember this teenager who fought Goliath and won? Consider the fact that he did it in the face of hundreds of frightened soldiers. Fear surrounded him in the camp, but David saw only one thing: Goliath was a man defiling God Himself. He knew God was bigger than the giant and defeated him with a stone and a good attitude.

9. Failure
Case Study: Barnabas. Some scholars believe that Barnabas was the Barsabas who was passed over to replace Judas Iscariot as the twelfth apostle. If so, he didn’t grumble and go home. He assumed his ministry was to promote others, and he did so, by giving his money generously, and his time to mentor young leaders, not the least of whom was Paul, the greatest apostle in history. Barnabas took failure and turned it into success.

The Difference Maker in Your Life Can Help You Make a Difference in Others
Case Study: Paul. This man faced all kinds of opposition, including the kinds that would have defeated most people. But Paul told the Philippians that he had learned the secret of contentment in any circumstance. He had been ridiculed, tortured, beaten, and left for dead, but he continued joyfully serving his Lord. This has given millions of others the confidence to do the same throughout history as they read what Paul wrote in the New Testament.

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