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Are you looking for a new career or interviewing for a new job and wondering what a manager or hiring manager is looking for in resume or interview? There are some things that hiring managers are looking for in the resume and interview processes that will increase your chances of securing employment.

Knowing what to write, say, and how to answer questions during this process is definitely one of the biggest keys to securing a new job placement.

What To Focus On and To Say

Some of the things that are important throughout the interview process that hiring managers are looking for involve how you deal with conflict, qualifications, and communication skills. Hiring managers are looking not only for the most qualified individual but the person with the skills to adapt and work within the company that will bring productivity to the company as a whole.

A skill that is often sought out is someone with the ability to self-reflective who can be respectful and communicative to colleagues and clients is sought out because they are well rounded.

Hiring managers often look for soft skills over hard skills because soft skills are rooted in an individual’s character and are harder to learn. Hard skills are things that can be learned and improved upon throughout time and repetition.

Soft skills include things such as:

● Problem solving skills
● Time management
● Organization
● Versatility or the ability to adapt to abrupt changes that occur with little to no warning.

How To Write An Eye Catching Resume

Resumes are designed to be a quick summary of your experiences, educational history, and work history that gives the hiring manager an idea if you are qualified to fill the position you are applying for. Resumes are often one to two pages in length and should be short and concise so that the hiring manager can glance over the material quickly to determine eligibility for the position available.

Hiring managers state that resumes should be short and easy to read or skim quickly and should not be more than two pages in length. They look for buzz words not filler words that are not necessary in resumes and during interviews to determine and evaluate an applicant’s communication skills.

Using words such as things, stuff, and like are strongly discouraged when writing a resume or interviewing. Your resume should have a clean and organized look making it easy to read and process the information provided with no frills or artistic aspects seeing as it distracts and reflects negatively when being reviewed.

Post Interview Steps

If you get through the interview and still want the job it is highly recommended to ask questions about the business and the job position as it indicates that you were paying attention.
Your interest and questions after the interview show your eagerness in the work and within the company and your curiosity is notated with the hiring managers or interviewing manager.

Following up is extremely important as well to show tenacity and dedication in the position before you have the job. From start to finish with your resume to the interview to the follow up shows dedication and desire to become part of the company and the way you present yourself will show the hiring manager if you are the best fit.

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