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Wouldn’t you like to know how to secure an upcoming promotion? Imagine being able to tap into your supervisors thought processes and learn what it takes to get promoted. These tips will enable you to understand more of what bosses look for as they make their promotion decision. Stand out and you’ll find yourself in a new role by doing the following:

Do the right thing.
Supervisors likely promote those that do the basics well. In other words, do the right thing when it comes to showing up on time, not gossiping, and treating everyone with respect.

Set your mind on the big picture.
One way to get promoted is to think like the owner with a long term vision. The big picture is important and your supervisor will note that you are thinking ahead rather than just about the day to day tasks of the company.

Play nice with others.
No one likes to work with someone who is difficult to get along with. Work hard to be a team player. Your boss and coworkers will appreciate it and respect you more. Be present when the workload gets hard rather than shirk from the responsibility.

Take initiative whenever you can.
If you want to get promoted, then you’ll want to be seen as one who takes initiative. Accept tough assignments, don’t complain, and give your all to the tasks you are to handle. Your boss will be looking for someone who is willing to step up to the plate rather than one who has to be asked repeatedly to help.

Be a leader.
Promotions often go to the employees that are seen as leaders. You can show your strengths by extending advice, a hand, or your skills to assist others. People will take note when you have an expertise in a variety of areas. Lead by example and be sure you follow the company’s policies and procedures.

Allow your passion to be evident.
You are hungry for advancement and passionate about the company. Make sure that you allow our passion to shine through your work each day. Don’t be shy to let people know you want to lead, grow, and advance your career in ways that benefit the team.

Networking is key to your success.
Spend your time networking with the people that can help you learn more about the role you hope to secure. In other words, try and find team members that have been in that role before or supervise the person who has that position. Networking will enable you to learn more about the role which will give you a better chance to secure the position.

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