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What makes an exceptional CEO? No doubt, CEOs will face major challenges throughout their careers. Handling the pressures and intensity of such a role with excellence takes purpose, drive, and intention.

Remarkable leaders are able to rise up, despite the circumstances, and work to bring the company and team to a successful place.

The following three lessons are what were learned from a recent study on outstanding CEOs:

An outsider that is hired in as CEO has an edge.
Someone that is hired in rather than promoted as a CEO has a positive edge. One reason is that they are more strategic with a fresh perspective.

CEOs that are promoted from within are knowledgeable about:
• The company’s culture
• Both the good and negative qualities within the team
• The brand and direction for the future

CEOs that were hired from within the company tend to be more aggressive and confident. They tend to produce the necessary results because of their prior knowledge and expertise.

Strategic moves by CEOs make for success.
When CEOs join low-performing or struggling companies, they must take the time to give a strategic review and assessment. Those that are exceptional will do just that. Major benefits are reaped from taking the time to begin with a strategic look at the current situation.

CEOs must do the following when it comes to strategy:
• Take a hard look at the company’s past results.
• Consider the potential performance of the team.
• Assess the current situation and strategically design a course of action.

A thorough look will help them to be more strategic going forward and will secure their success and their team’s as well.

Organizational structure and balance are important.
Most studies have shown that CEOs often redesign the organization’s structure and with an effort to keep everything balanced. High performing companies have an exceptional CEO. Those that are struggling need a strong leader to rise up and handle what it takes to restructure and continue the momentum it takes to keep things running smoothly.

In order to maintain balance CEOs must:
• Know the strengths and weaknesses of their team members.
• Be familiar with the organizational structure and willing to change as needed.
• Maintain a positive perspective that will support, balance, and encourage their team.

Every CEO won’t be exceptional. However, those that grow and learn strategically will handle their team as they learn the company’s culture.

Someone that is hired in must learn with an outsider’s viewpoint. The CEO that is promoted from within will need to be bold when it comes to initiating change and gaining team buy-in.

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