Sourcing Director – Recruitment – REMOTE

Salary: $80,000 – $150,000 Per Year
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Would you like to find high-quality candidates for exclusively retained assignments?

To ensure that our recruiters have access to the best talent in the market, we need an expert Sourcing Director who can foresee and fulfill the needs of our clients. The ideal Sourcing Director has experience in candidate sourcing, lead generation, technology, sourcing tools, outreach, and follow-up.

  • Come up with a sourcing strategy for each search assignment and put it into action.
  •  Ability to both learn about and use state-of-the-art resources when searching for potential employees.
  • Finding candidates through skillful use of Boolean, social media, phone, texting, and our database.
  • Find and rank the best-performing target candidates among all the candidates found.
  • Set up outreach campaigns for candidates.
  • Monitor analytics and key performance indicators, such as the conversion rate of sourced candidates to hires.
  • Build a talent pool for future search projects.
  • Collaborate with top management and recruiters to fine-tune the sourcing strategy.

JK Consultants is a cutting-edge staffing agency that links the best and brightest professionals with the most successful organizations in the world. Our 30 years of experience and cutting-edge technology make us formidable and henceforth resulted in 29 record years. We assist businesses in coordinating their strategies with their best employees to achieve extraordinary results and top-notch performance. We assist companies in developing their organizational structures, policies, and procedures.

Our work environment encourages originality and enthusiasm, and our culture is centered on achieving success. Collectively, we think outside the box to find exciting opportunities for our customers. Having no barriers to the free exchange of knowledge and ideas. Thanks to our high-performance culture, we can consistently provide superior service to our customers. Honesty is a cornerstone of our society. In the fast-paced, ever-evolving industry in which we toil, excellence is the key to survival and innovation is the name of the game.

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