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Being in the midst of the digital age, social media has become a huge part of our daily lives and is now becoming an important tool in our professional lives. It’s common knowledge now that employers look at social media pages in order to get a better grasp of potential employees during the hiring process. However, employers aren’t the only ones utilizing social media in the job search. More and more potential employees are taking to social media to get a better grasp of their potential employers. By checking out a company’s Facebook or Twitter page, job seekers get a better idea of a company’s presence on social media and popularity amongst its users. Job seekers can also utilize social media by looking up current employees of the company they are applying to. This can help give an idea of what kind of people the company has already employed, and can show what qualifications or experience they might be looking for currently. This is why, for both employees and employers, it is so important to maintain a respectable and inviting social media presence. So, here’s some advice for both potential employees and employers on how to positively influence each other online:


  • Clean Up Your Act. This should be an obvious one. Make sure all content on your various social media pages is CLEAN. This might mean it’s time to do some digging. Some employers will go deep into your past, and it won’t matter if that video of you doing a keg stand happened two nights ago or two years ago, because they will find it and it will affect the way they judge your character. Anything that you wouldn’t want a future employer seeing, dig deep and DELETE.
  • Don’t Have An Account On Everything. It’s often a good thing for employers to see that you are active on social media. However, if you have one too many accounts it can be hard to keep up. It is far more impressive to employers if a candidate has one or two social media accounts that are kept active and up-to-date. If you have too many, certain site(s) that you neglect can be seen as weak spots in your capabilities.
  • Use Your Real Name. It’s a common urge when creating social media profiles to use a cute or catchy nickname/handle instead of your real name, and that’s okay for things that are more personal, but when using an account that will be visible to employers it’s always best to use your real name. This is seen as much more professional, and makes it easier for employers to find your page.


  • Provide An Overview of Your Company. One of the first places job seekers will look when deciding whether or not to apply to a company is at that company’s social media page. An overview of your company and its values should be clearly stated and one of the first things a visitor to your page will see. It’s a good idea to also include a note about your employees and why they enjoy working for your company.
  • Use Your Accounts to Post Job Openings. When the time comes and your company is looking to hire, the fastest and most effective way to get results is by making a post about it online. Using your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to get the word out let’s you speak to a much larger audience. This will greatly expand your pool of candidates to choose from and might bring in some fresh, new talent. This leads into tip number three which is…
  • Include Your Company Contact Information. This comes especially handy when you are doing job postings on your page. However, even if you aren’t looking for any new employees it’s always a good idea to have the information constantly available. This shows job seekers that your company is open and ready to communicate with both potential employees and customers, which makes it much less intimidating for them to contact you.

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