Recruitment Sales/Marketing Director – Remote

The Sales and Marketing Leader is a key role responsible for leading sales and marketing activities within the company. This position requires a strategic mindset, strong leadership skills, and building and maintaining client relationships. The Sales and Marketing Leader will work closely with the executive team to develop and implement effective sales and marketing strategies to attract and retain clients.


Develop Sales and Marketing Strategies:
Collaborate with the executive team to develop comprehensive sales and marketing strategies.
Conduct market research to identify target clients and industry trends.
Create and implement marketing campaigns to promote the company’s services.
Stay updated on the latest advancements in technology, AI, and automation relevant to sales and marketing.
Streamline lead generation processes by automating data collection, lead scoring, and lead qualification.

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Build and maintain strong relationships with existing and potential clients.
Understand client needs and provide tailored solutions to meet their requirements.
Conduct regular client meetings and presentations to showcase the company’s capabilities and value
Identify and implement technology solutions that can enhance sales and marketing processes, such as
CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, AI-powered chatbots, and predictive analytics tools.

Sales Planning and Execution:

Develop sales plans and set sales targets in collaboration with the executive team.
Collaborate with the team in prospecting, qualifying, and closing clients.
Monitor sales performance and provide regular reports to the executive team.
Explore and implement AI-driven lead identification and targeting techniques to segment and target relevant audiences
Stay updated on the latest advancements in technology, AI, and automation relevant to sales and marketing.
Identify opportunities for automation in sales and marketing processes to improve efficiency and productivity.
Implement automated lead nurturing campaigns, leveraging AI and automation tools to deliver personalized content and messaging based on customer behavior and preferences.

Branding and Marketing Collateral:

Oversee the development of marketing collateral, including brochures, presentations, and website content.
Ensure consistent branding and messaging across all marketing materials.
Stay updated on industry trends and incorporate them into marketing strategies.

Social Media Management:

Develop and execute social media strategies to enhance brand visibility, engage with target audiences, and generate leads.
Manage social media platforms, including content creation, scheduling, and monitoring.
Leverage social media analytics to measure the impact of social media efforts and optimize strategies for maximum reach and engagement.
Collaborate with the team to create compelling social media campaigns that align with overall marketing objectives.

Collaboration with Internal Stakeholders:

Collaborate with other departments to ensure seamless execution of projects.
Coordinate with the research team to gather market intelligence and identify potential clients.

Performance Analysis and Reporting:

Analyze sales and marketing data to evaluate the effectiveness of strategies and campaigns.
Prepare regular reports on sales performance, market trends, and client feedback.
Use data-driven insights to make informed decisions and optimize sales and marketing efforts.
Leverage AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze customer data, identify patterns, and generate
insights for targeted marketing campaigns and personalized customer experiences.
Use automation tools to track and analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and sales activities, providing actionable insights for continuous improvement.

Managing Third-Party Vendors:

Identify and evaluate potential third-party vendors for lead generation services, AI technologies, automation tools, and social media management.
Establish and maintain relationships with vendors, ensuring effective communication and collaboration.
Monitor vendor performance, track key metrics, and provide feedback to ensure alignment with business goals.
Negotiate contracts and manage vendor relationships to ensure cost-effectiveness and quality of services.


Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing, or a related field.
Proven experience in sales and marketing
Excellent communication and presentation skills.
Strategic thinking and ability to develop and execute sales and marketing strategies.
Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
Proficiency in CRM software and other sales and marketing tools.
Knowledge of the industry and understanding of sales processes

Compensation $100,000.00 – $200,000.00

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