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Are you ready to be the driving force behind a renowned horticulture company’s success in this dynamic, growing industry? As the Sales Director, you will take charge of your role as the architect of the company’s growth and profitability. This is an exciting opportunity for a high-energy, results-driven individual to make a significant impact in a fast-paced, innovative environment. If you are passionate about leading a driving sales team, nurturing relationships, and achieving aggressive results, they want you on their team! Apply now and be part of a company that values your expertise and offers opportunities for growth and success.

Key Responsibilities:
Proactively seek out new accounts in your designated territory, using strategic positioning and differentiation to captivate customer interest, drive sales, and ensure customer retention.

Cultivate and strengthen relationships with existing customers, ensuring their loyalty and driving additional sales.

Develop, implement, and refine sales processes and procedures throughout the entire sales cycle, from prospecting and lead generation to conversion, customer experience, retention, and referral.

Devise and execute strategic and tactical sales plans in the B2B space, aiming to surpass goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) for new business, gross margins, and customer experience.

Utilize innovative content, sales campaigns, and messaging across various channels, leveraging cutting-edge technology, websites, and social media to achieve set goals and KPIs.

Lead a high-performing, results-oriented sales team focused on maximizing their contribution to sales and marketing with consistent results and continuous improvement.

Stay ahead of market trends, customer needs, industry developments, and competitor strategies to develop effective sales strategies.

Collaborate with top management and internal departments, offering expertise and delivering meaningful reports.

Manage financial aspects, including forecasting, pricing, budgets, and expenses.

Harness technology and ERP tools for compelling client presentations, including webinars, as well as internal reporting.

Actively participate in external sales and marketing activities, such as trade shows and events.

Promote values like customer service, best practices, accountability, integrity, ethics, performance, growth, profitability, and cultural alignment.

Experience Required:
Minimum of 5 years of successful sales experience as a sales hunter within the horticulture or related industry, with proficiency in utilizing the latest CRM, channels, technology, and messaging.

Demonstrated ability to manage the sales department and achieve goals and KPIs, including acquiring new customers, driving new sales, and enhancing profitability/gross margins.

Highly motivated with a track record of measurable, aggressive results. A four-year degree in a related field is preferred but not mandatory.



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