Reasons to Hire an Employee with Grit

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High turnover is expensive, time consuming, and frustrating. Companies world-wide seek to avoid this issue because it hurts employee morale, job performance, and employee engagement. Most managers notice a decrease in staff productivity which negatively impacts business.

Since we know that turnover is detrimental to our business, hiring managers should make thoughtful decisions about recruitment. Grit is the one distinguishing factor to be considered when selecting your next new hire.

Grit is an HR term that’s best described as a candidate with the ability to channel their passion, energy and drive for the long haul in a sustainable way. During the recruitment phase, hiring managers must choose whether they want the brightest candidate or the one with the most enthusiasm.

Your best bet is to find a candidate that possesses both qualities. Employees with grit have real staying power with the ability to pull off outstanding results.

The following will explain why recruiters find gritty employees the best options for recruitment.

Failure Is Not an Option
Who doesn’t want their business to succeed? Managers must recruit zealous candidates with the goal to push the limits in order to ensure success. These new hires will fear failure and not allow themselves to fall short of the goal. Their grit will make all the difference.

Get Staff Onboard
Gritty employees won’t settle for second best. They set goals and then achieve them. You’ll want to get them completely onboard with your mission and vision. Most HR managers see the value of getting new staff to believe in the company’s culture and goals. The first quarter is crucial to an employee building relationships and having buy-in to the company as a whole.

How to Identify Grit While Recruiting
During the recruitment process, you’ll want to look for the signs of a gritty candidate. Be sure to ask pertinent questions and figure out their approach to work.

Try the following:
• Provide scenarios and questions that will reveal their style in the workplace.
• Ask questions about how they would handle obstacles.
• Probe a bit to figure out their goals for the future.
• Request information on their past projects and experiences.
• Find out about their achievements and how they feel about accomplishments.
• Ask them to take a personality assessment test to learn more about them.

While recruiting, you can do your “homework” on your candidate to gauge how gritty they will be for the company. An employee with passion and drive for the long haul is an outstanding find.

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