Methods You Can Use To Implement A Working Hybrid Work Model

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Using a hybrid work model is a leadership strategy that has proven to be very efficient in the past few years. The reason is simple, employees like flexibility and having options is definitely going to make them happy. That’s why many recruiting professionals and managers are highlighting the hybrid work model as an option for potential hires that are interested in it. But how can you make the hybrid model work? Here are some ideas!

Start bringing the in-office and remote teams together – Every CEO that wants the hybrid work model to work should try this. The idea is to have virtual happy hours which help bring all employees together online. You can also have team calls with everyone where they get to know each other. All these ideas that bring the entire team together help immensely, and they will show the true value of this hybrid work model.

Encourage remote work for everyone It’s a good idea because sometimes you will have in-office people that do want to work remotely. So, having the opportunity to work remotely as needed is helpful. It also makes it easier for those in-office employees to get a sample of how their remote colleagues are working. Which means it’s the best of both worlds.

Offer benefits to remote staff – Every employee has a different work experience, especially when it comes to working remotely. So it does pay off to offer some bonus perks to people that work remotely. Doing that will help offset some of the in-person benefits. Offer them some brand-related swag, cover the costs of remote work, but also offer some great speakers to remote workers. Simple, functional gifts like that can be great.

Invest in remote working tools – There are a large variety of remote working tools which help bring everyone together. Slack is a wonderful communication tool for your team. Then you have Brex which is a payment-focused financial platform, and you can even use Loom for screen recordings and presentations. These are great tools that will help make remote working a lot easier.

It’s very important to invest in your in-house team, but don’t forget about your remote workers too. In order to make the hybrid work model work, you need to start using remote working tools, but also offer your remote team some benefits and extra features that help improve their experience. In doing so, everyone will be happy and results can be great.

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