Leadership Lessons We Can Gain From FDR

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We have all heard the stories of the stock market crash in 1929. Thankfully enough, we had a great leader in place when that happened. Franklin D. Roosevelt showed us how to navigate those devastating times of loss.
Modern day business owners can take a lot of lessons from the way FDR led our nation through that terrible time.

These are the lessons we can use today:

Get People Excited
Give your employees and team something to be excited about. Create your own slogan or chant that you speak to them on a regular basis. When you have a vision and make it clear to those that work with you, you’ll create a sense of unity among the group.

Be Optimistic in The Face of Devastation
When things are going south in your business, you need to give people hope for the future. No matter how bad things are, find ways to highlight the bright-side. Never let the situation or circumstances darken your mood.

Rely on Your Colleagues to Help You Create Plans
Don’t go it alone; you’ve got a team for a reason. Set up regular meetings where everyone has a chance to share the solutions to the problems. Write down all suggestions and then as a team, go through them one by one to figure out if it will solve the problems you are facing.

Be Bold!
You have to be bold and push through any fears that you have during these times. Being courageous doesn’t mean you aren’t scared. It means that you keep moving forward no matter what is happening. Show your team that they can keep going in the hard times.

Make Good Decisions For the Benefits of Others
At all times, a good leader makes decisions that benefit those around them, even if it doesn’t directly help them. Your team needs to know you have their best interest in mind. That’s how you develop long-lasting loyalty from others. They must know that when times get tough, you are advocating for them.

A Few Questions to Ask Yourself
If you truly want to be a better leader, here are a few things you should ask yourself:
1. Do you have a vision for your company? If not, create one and rally your team around it.
2. What actions can you take to increase moral in your employees?
3. What specific goals to you want to meet in the next year?
4. Do you have a game-plan in place of how you will take your company to the next level?
5. Are you showing courage in the face of uncertainty?

These are questions that all leaders need to answer. Always look for ways to increase your leadership abilities.

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