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You are never going to find a one size fits all guide to leadership. Leaders are like snowflakes, as in no two perform their job in the same manner. Here are some of the ways that different leaders attract devoted followers.

Followers Want to be Better People
Not everyone has the ability to be a leader, (or wants to be) which is why you end up with one particular person with a ton of followers. For this reason, it’s important to study the followers just as much as you do the leaders. When you look at the reasons that some becomes a devoted follower, it is usually for one of just a few reasons.
Typically, the leader makes the followers want to be better people in this present time, whether that means better with their time, work ethic, or on a more personal level. Another reason is that the leader makes me hopeful for the future and they get excited about what is to come. But there are a ton of people in the world, why pick just one to follow closely?

Leaders Care About Others
What is it that makes us propel someone else career and place our devotion into the hands of another human being? What does it take to be the type of person who can influence others in such a manner that they want to see what your next step is? Simply put, people follow others who excel at the things they greatly care about.
Leaders care about what they great at. They have to be able to be genuine in the things they are speaking about. Others like to see someone be great at something and actually care about the cause itself.

Be Available to Your Followers
A huge “need” for the leaders of today is social media. Some of the biggest ways to reach people these days are on the internet. They need you to share bits of your life and give advice on the things you care about.
You want your followers to be able to trust you and know that you are available to help with their needs. You don’t necessarily have to speak to every one of your followers individually, but it is nice to show engagement. You want to and should be a trustworthy leader who genuinely cares about the people who are furthering your career.

Be Who You Are
Be someone that you would want to follow yourself. We don’t want to be cliché and say to be your own hero, but why not. Be your own hero! If you have the knowledge and are great at something that you want to share with others, then do it.

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