Leaders Excel With These Different Leadership Styles

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Drive with effective leadership allows you to develop a strong robust team and grow your business. Make sure your decisions meet challenges head-on with these 6 effective leadership styles:

1. Action-Oriented
This leadership style will feel very comfortable to high potentials on your team. “Getting the job done” is critical for action focus team members facing tight deadlines and specific project guidelines. Quick decision making is imperative and often there is not thetime to test and tweak to deliver results needed in your organization.

2. Transformative
Encourage transformative style team members to bring new ideas to the table frequently. As a leader, you need to ask qualifying questions and give time to process and offer options. When transformative style leaders feel their ideas affect the team positively, it encourages them to keep pushing forward.

3. Encouraging
Giving your team the confidence to produce ideas will help take the organization to the next level. Provide them with constructive feedback, reflect on past successes, and encourage them toward future success. Often team members lack the confidence to speak up even though they have the right information. Provide an encouraging environment and keep everyone focused.

4. Empowerment
Build your team’s authority by allowing them to make decisions and execute their ideas. A team that has the ability to make effective decisions will reduce turnover and increase engagement and ultimately can contribute to bottom-line effectiveness.

5. Reflective
Self-reflection is the key for this leadership style. Analyzing past events, actions, and results will help generate new ideas & solutions. This allows you to experience insights that may result in better opportunities for the future. This style is powerful, but it can be difficult at time as it requires you to put aside your vision and inspirations to let the team discover its own path forward.

6. Idealistic
For some this style comes naturally and for others it takes work. As an idealistic thinker, it is important to demonstrate desired outcomes. Paint a detailed and vivid picture of the desired results. While this style is highly persuasive, use it sparingly; its power comes in its infrequent and strategic use.

Great leaders know how to leverage natural skills and work on developing individual weaknesses.
It is essential to know which approach is best to use in specific circumstances and know when to avoid overusing one just because you excel at it.

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