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It’s over. Or is it? You’ve jumped through every hoop, answered each question, and completed all application and assessment paperwork. What else could there possibly be to score this job and win over your interviewer?

One More Thing
There is one more thing you must do. Make an unforgettable exit. The kind that makes you look more striking, completely employable, and like an irresistible hire. This all becomes possible depending on how your answer the most typical last interview question.

The Question
Prospective employers always ask if you have any questions for them. Here is your chance to shine and be memorable.

Skip answers such as the following:
• What are the company’s future goals?
• Why do you like this company?
• How long has the position been vacant?
• Will I be hearing from you or should I contact you back?

While these are excellent, well thought out questions, they are typical. You want to stand out, so answer “the question” with these questions of your own:
• Is there anything that I’ve said today that could hurt my chances of getting this position?
• Now that we’ve met, do you have any reservations about hiring me?
• Do you see any reason that I’m not completely qualified for this position?
• What have I done during the interview that is contradictory to what you see as your perfect candidate for this role?

You’ve proven your ability to think counterintuitively. Employers want to see this skillset and rarely get the opportunity during an interview.

On the Spot
You’ve turned the table on your new potential employer. They are on the spot and you’ve given them some food for thought and not just with your questions. The interviewer sees an openness and awareness in you that look attractive.
Turning the conversation toward them, you’ve closed the deal. After all job interviews are simply sales calls where you attempt to sell yourself and look buyable in order to secure the job.
The worst that could happen is that they respond by explaining where you fall short of their expectations. However, you’ll still gain valuable feedback if that is the case. Most likely, you’ve found favor in the eyes of your new employer because you wowed them with your response to the typical question by being anything but ordinary. Well done, enjoy the view from your new office.

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