How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Boost Self-Acceptance as an Entrepreneur

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Internal mind games can be one of the worst things to deal with as an entrepreneur. Don’t let self-doubt hold you back from accomplishing all that you’re meant to do on your business journey.

There are some things that you can actively do to boost self-acceptance as an entrepreneur. It takes hard work to keep a mindset that’s in line with your aspirations. Here’s how to boost self-acceptance as an entrepreneur (and banish self-doubt):

Spend Time with Positive People
Understanding who to spend your time with and why is a core competency in any entrepreneur’s life. With self-doubt often comes isolation behaviors. However, isolation can be damaging in managerial positions by leading to a lack of sleep, poor decision-making abilities, depression, and increased stress.

It’s important to spend time with those who know you and can help you maintain a level head during tough times. Positive people can help to inspire you and may have the right words to provide a new perspective when it comes to your entrepreneurial mindset.

Confront Imposter Syndrome
Imposter syndrome is a major starting point for self-doubt. Psychologists describe imposter syndrome as the experience of feeling like a fraud despite having achieved success in a specific area of life. Feeling like an imposter is especially prominent in women and other minority groups in the workplace and may become more pronounced in those entrepreneurial groups as well.

Combat imposter syndrome by confronting it head-on. Address the issues that you’re feeling in your entrepreneurial mindset. Review your competency for the job and the position that you’re performing. Ask others around you to provide some reassuring advice or notes of encouragement about your capabilities. By eliminating imposter syndrome feelings you will find renewed self-acceptance in your abilities.

Practice Compassion (for Yourself and Others)
Practicing compassion is a lot easier when you can accept that nobody is perfect and that counts for you as well. Transformation starts when you can find self-acceptance through compassion for yourself.

Remember Your Past Achievements
When times get tough, it’s particularly important to remember the challenges that you’ve faced successfully in the past. Some corporate leaders recommend keeping a digital (or physical) file of notable achievements that you are particularly proud of. Visiting this folder from time to time can help to boost self-acceptance and quell any fears.

Aggressively Face Negative Thoughts
The presence of negative thoughts can compound self-doubt. This can lead to a spiraling mindset that can be especially hard to break free from. Actively try to frame thoughts positively and resist the temptation to give up. Instead of focusing on the negative, work to place your energy into something more meaningful or productive. Practicing gratitude every day is also a great way to banish negative thoughts that may persist over time.

Seek Professional Help
Boosting self-acceptance and impacting your entrepreneurial mindset can be a lengthy journey. If you find that you’re continually struggling or feel overwhelmed, seek help from a counselor or trusted mentor. Ensuring that you are happy an

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