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The Coronavirus has created dramatic changes in our personal and professional lives. Currently, more countries and states are “opening up” and it begs the question – AND THEN WHAT? With no vaccine, can we return to the way things were before COVID-19? So, as we slowly emerge from being “sheltered in” what will it take to be successful?

This is a series of several articles over these next few weeks to explore what we may be able to create in our post-pandemic future in our personal and professional lives.


Why has one business successfully transitioned during this crisis and another has not?

The organizations, regardless of size, that are currently flourishing seem to have a leadership team that are more entrepreneurial – perhaps making firm resolutions to keep going, to be innovative, to invest in necessary changes and to make positive contributions while protecting and motivating their employees and the public.

New suppliers and diversified supply chains are working to fill those empty shelves in our stores and address the unmet needs. Manufacturing created the changes necessary to begin producing much needed products rather than their usual products. We now have tele-working, tele-medicine, no-contact curbside delivery of food and products, sanitized and disinfected work environments, PPE and social distancing.

How do the struggling organizations differ? Do some organizations simply have the wrong people in the wrong seats? Even a failing company will benefit from a strong, dynamic leadership team who will rise up during adversity to make and fulfill the necessary resolutions for success. What would have been the fate of Chrysler Motors without Lee Iacocca or the fate of Apple if Steve Jobs had not returned and transformed it? What can you resolve to change so your leadership team will be effective in forecasting and adapting to the changing environments whether it is COVID-19 or something else in the future?

As we now see countries, states, and cities begin to reopen we cannot help but ask, and now what? How will things continue to change and how will successful businesses respond? Are we prepared for consumers who no longer gather in crowded places such as stores, restaurants, and theatres? A strong resolve to regain market share and customers by learning how to better serve needs and then being flexible enough to respond to those needs seems prudent. A strong resolve to build an effective leadership team and a valued, motivated, effective workforce always seems prudent. What are some of the changes you are resolved to make to ensure success?

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