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Having a workplace that is known for being the best is just as good for the business as it is for workplace morale. Ranking high on a positive list is viewed as the result of the effort of that specific business to build a better environment for its employees rather than itself. The reward ultimately lies in the fact that you have created something that hasn’t gone unnoticed.

If your business is working correctly then the trust will start at the top tier of management and work its way down to everyone else. However, you need to know that high-trust can start in any department, team, or employee and work its way out. Here are a few tips for creating an atmosphere that cultivates a positive work environment.

Take A Look At Yourself

If you want to culture a high-trust environment, you need to work from the inside out. You need to make sure that you trust yourself and have credibility with others before you try to expand your relationships. Work on the core behaviors like listening, clarifying, talking confidently and straight, and making sure you are holding yourself accountable.

Declaring Your Intent

Make sure when you are explaining what you would like to achieve, you are being open and explicit. When you aren’t being direct with what you want to achieve, people aren’t going to understand and might not take you seriously. Be transparent, describe why you want to do this and what your plans are.
When you are direct with your plans and intentions, you are going to change how people feel about your behavior. Leaders should always declare their intent in a simple, direct way. It’s an important way to deploy a feeling of trust and openness in your organization.

Extending Trust

One of the cardinal rules of trust is that you get what you give. If you are working with someone who is equally trustworthy, but neither of you are willing to extend trust, nothing will get accomplished. This doesn’t mean to trust anyone, but to make sure you are reading people well and the risk involved in your project.

Don’t Let The List Be Your End Goal

While lists are important and can show who you are as a company, don’t let your name on a list be the ultimate goal. If your company is able to achieve success and be trustworthy first and foremost, you will climb to where you deserve to be. Rankings and measure will follow the business and workplace that you cultivate.

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