Four Critical Tasks Of Strategic Execution

Business owners and CEO’s have a difficult job all the way around. The success of the company relies upon a combination of things. If Celebrity Apprentice has taught us anything, it’s that the one in charge is usually to blame for the loss of the team.

As the one in charge, it is your job to make certain that your company has a strategic plan in place. It isn’t enough just to have a plan. You have to make it happen.

Create a Vision and Make it Known
Before you can really delve into putting together a plan, you must identify your company’s goals. What is your vision? Once you have a vision and an idea in place of what you want to do, it will make developing a plan a more productive task.

Once you have the vision together, you should make it known to your staff and team. There should be no doubt as to the company’s vision.

Develop a Flexible Strategic Plan
We can sit around the meeting table and put together the best strategic plan around. However, you have to be willing to follow buying trends and other data, then change your plan as needed to reach the consumer market.

This requires you and your team to stay flexible in your way of thinking. Don’t assume that because everyone in the room agrees that it is a good plan that the plan will work. It is going to require tweaking once you put it into the real world.

Adopt Accountability Amongst The Team
Good intentions fail if no one is held accountable. Simply saying you will execute a plan as laid out is not good enough. It’s like building a spending budget, and then not tracking your spending.

Put into place accountability for yourself and others on the team. Make sure that the plan is being executed in the way you have determined.

Instill a Sense of Ownership in Your Team
If you want to execute your plan, you have to give the team a sense of ownership. If you want them to give it their all, they have to feel responsible and that their work matters.

Give employees the ability to share their concerns or problems with the plan. Use their feedback as a way to change your strategic plan if need be. Allow for discussion and listen to their thoughts.

If you are going to be successful, it will take your entire team to make that happen. It starts with you and your commitment to developing a plan and executing it.

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