Focus on Your Strengths and Not Your Weaknesses

It seems in every performance appraisal or job interview it comes up. Yep, your weaknesses. We all know there are things we could do better, but seriously, do we need to shine a bright spotlight on them?

What Happens When You Focus on Your Strengths
Some entrepreneurs believe it is better to focus on your strengths. Focusing on what you are good at enables you to be at your best. It increases enjoyment in your work, and you accomplish more. Instinctively we all enjoy doing things fit are our strengths. When we do things that we love, we get excited. When we are doing things we love, time seems to fly by. It makes us shine, feel good about ourselves, and we perform better.

What Happens When You Focus on Your Weaknesses
Take a moment to think about your weaknesses. How does that make you feel? Tired? Defeated? Drained? When you’re procrastinating it usually involves something you don’t enjoy doing. It stops you from being your best. Focusing on your weaknesses is not the way to make headway in your career.

Improve Your Successes with a Mentor
A mentor can help you make the most of your strengths and use your strengths to solve problems. They know you and can help you get through the difficult days. A great mentor helps you to see that you don’t have to be a pioneer all the time. Your dreams are achievable.

Re-frame How You See Problems
Re-framing helps you to overcome negative thoughts and use them to feel good about yourself.
Sometimes you may feel that you feel you don’t ‘fit in’. Many successful people have felt that way. You can let the feeling of being different eat at you and undermine your self-esteem. But try to ‘re-frame’ the situation to look at it differently. Re-framing can help you overcome those feelings. For example, re-frame those thoughts with, ‘what makes me strong and different is a good thing. If someone underestimates me, it’s OK. It allows me to catch them off guard.’ Look for ways to turn those moments into something that helps you.

Finding Success
If you want to succeed, focusing on your strengths is the answer. Recognizing your strengths will help you be better and push yourself harder. Keep your eye on your strengths and find ways to enhance and improve them. You’ll love what you’re doing and enjoy your journey to success.

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