Do This to Control Your Emotions When You Are at Work

Controlling your emotions is hard enough. Doing so in a stressful and busy environment like at work is even harder.

Have you ever cried after getting feedback? Or struggled with your temper around another team member? You’re human, which means you have complex emotions like frustration, panic, and disappointment.

Leaders are held to a higher standard. You can’t overreact. You must be able to control your emotions. There are many methods you can use to do this. Here are three tools you can use to control your emotions at work.

Get Grounded
This isn’t the same type of grounding that your parents punished you with. Grounding is a technique that can be used to keep your mind in the present.

When emotions strike, it’s easy to lose yourself in thoughts of the past and future. These types of thoughts can fan the flames of your emotions. Here are a few simple techniques you can use to ground yourself and stay in the moment.

●Focus on the eye color of the person you’re talking to.
●Tighten your calf muscles.
●Rock back on your heels a bit.
●If you’re sitting, relax your back into your chair.

The goal of grounding is to focus on what’s true and controllable.

Try Box Breathing
Box breathing is a great way to stay calm and focused. It’s used by the military to manage emotions. It can be a great tool for you to learn and utilize.

This type of breathing is a four-square breathing technique. You will breathe in for four seconds. Hold it for four seconds. Breathe out for four seconds. Hold it for four seconds. Then repeat the same rhythm. This four sided breathing technique is named after it’s similar shape. A square or box.

Cool Off
Emotions cause physiological responses in our bodies. Have you ever felt your palms perspire or your cheeks flush in response to anger or embarrassment? This is your sympathetic nervous system going into overdrive. Finding a way to calm your body’s natural response can help you. Cool off is one of these ways.
●Put your hand around a cold glass.
●Take a sip of a cold drink, or put an ice cube in your mouth.
●If you’re wearing a jacket or sweater, remove that layer.
●Move closer to the air conditioner or a vent.
●If possible, take a moment to go to the restroom. This not only creates distance, but you can splash cool water on your face.

There are many more techniques you can use to control your emotions. Start practicing these today so you can be prepared when emotions strike.

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