Vacancy Cost Analysis – How much is that opening costing you?

Can you afford to let your open positions go unfilled? Let’s perform a vacancy cost analysis.

Having a hard time filling a key position in your company?  Think that your opening is not impacting your company’s bottom line?  After performing a vacancy cost analysis, you might think again!  In just a few weeks the next quarter will be upon us, and you need all hands on deck to ensure that this is a great year for your company.   Many people erroneously think that the money saved from not paying a salary and benefits will offset the expense of a vacant position.  The truth is that every member of your team is critical to the top line, and positions cannot remain vacant even when you think the work is still being performed by others.

Finding and retaining the best talent for your key positions can be a daunting task.  Are you spending time sifting through candidates who either don’t fit the bill, or who don’t have the experience you are seeking?  Instead of wasting your time, you can align with an experienced specialized recruiting firm who knows how to find great candidates and, most importantly, the  top performing candidates in your industry.  JK Consultants has more than three decades of specialized recruiting experience and we are experts at finding the bulls-eye candidates you seek.  JK Consultants can help you.  We are proud of our speed, quality, and excellent service, ensuring that your vacancies are filled as quickly as possible.


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