• Leadership and Learning

    The learning process is best facilitated by being able to perceive diverse viewpoints and the flexibility to change viewpoints before making a conclusion. When a conclusion is based upon emotions it can be prejudicial and can undermine the learning process.  The limiting beliefs held by each member of a team impede the learning process.  For example, the belief that a process will be successful because it has been successful in the past is limiting because the external environmental changes over time.  Another example is when individuals feel they have earned their success they may resort to emotional conclusions and not...
  • Leadership Communication

    An important leadership quality is effective communication.  Today’s leaders compete with shrinking attention spans and impatient employees.  Good communication is not about what you say; it is about what the listener hears.  Effective communication can inspire, persuade and lead the people important to your success. The following are some guidelines for good communication: 1.  Establish a social connection.  Communication involves more than the content of the statements you make. If you focus primarily on your information you may be viewed as arrogant and uncaring. Leaders are perceived by others to be competent when they establish a social connection when communicating.  Build...


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