Are You Spending Your Time on What Matters?

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When it comes to your time, every last minute is important. You have to prioritize your time and find out what is important to you. There are approximately 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, 730 hours in a month, and 8,765 in a year. When you think of it that way, are you spending your time on what really matters?

How To Prioritize Your Time

When you are trying to prioritize your life and plan for the future, it is important to take notes, make lists, and really ponder on what you want. The major areas of your life to consider are Career, Family, Health, Spirituality, Fun and Volunteering.

These are the areas that make up the many areas of your life. Filling in the amount of time and energy that you want to spend on each one of these will help you to make sure you are doing what matters to you. Life may seem like you have a lot of time, but in reality, it passes quickly.

Why You Should Make Lists to Manage Your Time

It is so easy to get completely engulfed in a project that you are doing and lose track of time. Have you ever started to do something and then looked up at the clock and been in complete shock of how much time has passed? It is so easy to do, and without a plan, it can continue to happen.

Take each section of the areas to reflect on and decide how much time you are spending on each right now. Once you have done that, decide if you are happy with that or not. Do some self-reflecting and find what you want to spend your valuable time doing. Maybe you didn’t spend as much family time as you wanted to, change it.

Make the Necessary Changes

Even when it comes to the workplace, sometimes you have to decide if you are spending your time wisely. Deciding if what you are spending long hours on is what really matters. While the workplace is oftentimes where long hours are spent, this can go for multiple areas of your life.

A good idea is to have a person who you can trust and rely on to hold you accountable. It can be anyone, just someone who will be honest with you. It is easier for someone on the outside looking in to realize it before you do.


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