7 Leadership Skills to Become a Thriving Business Magnet

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The efficiency and productivity of the entire company rests on maintaining good relationships with your employees. Happy employees are motivated, and motivated employees are productive. A productive team means a thriving business.

These 7 leadership skills will drive your team to success and will bring you from wandering leader to a successful business magnet.

Directive Leadership for Quick Decisions
You call the shots and your employees simply follow through. This type of leadership skill comes in handy in situations where time does not allow for the brainstorming sessions that typically happen when everyone is involved in the decision process. This was once the go-to for desired leadership skills, but not today.

We are living in a time when everyone wants to have their say; to feel important and to feel like they are a vital part of the company. However, there is a time and a place when good leaders need to step in and use this particular skill. A good leader will know when to step in and start making the decisions.

Supportive Leadership to Give Your Employees Freedom
This type of leadership skill requires more restraint and trust not to insert yourself and take over. As a successful entrepreneur, you will give your employees all the necessary tools to succeed and then you step back and allow them to work. A person practicing supportive leadership will develop relationships with their employees by showing empathy, expressing genuine concern, and building trust in their abilities.

Leading Your Employees with Questions
Inquisitive leaders gently guide the people around them with questions. These questions can be to gain more insight into the situation but more importantly, you are asking questions to steer your team in a certain direction. In this leadership skill, it is more about the journey to the goal rather than the end result, often with your questions bringing about creative new strategies.

Revitalize Your Team with Encouragement
Believe it or not, this is not a skill that comes naturally to everyone but it is vital for an effective leader. You can have an entire team motivated and committed to your goal but be stagnant. You can have everyone working with an efficient strategy and with all the right tools yet unable to move forward.

This is when the right words and the right attitude from you can make or break your team. You would be surprised at how just a few positive words can revitalize your staff and bring them across that finish line.

Empowering Your Team by Extending Trust
One of the most common skills amongst all the top highly effective leaders is their ability to empower their employees. You are not just a person of power with people, subordinates, working below you. When you have mastered the skill of empowering, you are placing more than responsibility into your team’s hands, you are extending to them your complete trust.

It is important with this skill to know exactly how much rope to extend. If you give too little, they won’t feel like they have a say in their roles. If you let out too much it could be detrimental to your company.

Reflection for New Solutions
A reflective leader brings authenticity to their employees. You are able to work with your team to reflect on past problems or actions to find new solutions. A great way to do this is to encourage your team to take a step back and try to view the problem from a new angle.

Inspire Your Team by Being a Visionary
Bringing visionary leadership to your organization is like breathing new life into it. When you are a visionary, you have a clear picture of your goal in mind and you can energetically paint that picture for your employees.

Your energy and excitement will revitalize their passion. As a visionary, you know your end result and you are not swayed by speed bumps along the way. You are driven and you bring a new energy to your team.

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