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Another classic book Built to Last, analyzed 18 visionary companies that outperformed the market and their competition with principles and practices like, among other things, core values, innovation, promoting from within, continuous improvement, big goals, and trickle down leadership vision.

Did you know that, over the last 10 years, almost half of those 18 companies dropped in performance and reputation and have faced serious questions about their leadership and strategy? In other words, they were not built to last. Most CEO’s desire continuity in structure and are content with small increases in revenue and profits year over year. After all, how do you implement such ambiguous principles and practices?

JK Consultants knows that great leadership principles and strategies are indispensable for an organization to truly thrive. We have been helping companies in your space hire great people skilled with implementing leadership principles and strategies that challenge the status quo, achieve results and help their organizations thrive.

• 98% of our candidates have exceeded their 1st year established goals and objectives.
• 80% of the time we present top candidates within 3 weeks
• 97% of our placed candidates have more than 4 year’s tenure with their organizations.
• We are the only recruiting firm who has always offered a one-year guarantee, the longest in the industry.
• 80% of our business comes from referrals or repeat clients.

Are members of your leadership team content with continuity and the status quo rather than passionately growing the organization? Would you like each member of your leadership team to create an organization that attracts the best employees, encourages innovation and outperforms the market with organic growth?

Would you hire every member of your leadership team today? If not call us and we will help you get great leaders on your team.

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Our 1 Year Guarantee: 97% of the candidates we place have 4+ year tenures with their organizations.

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