How to Hire Fast, for the Benefit of Both Sides

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The hiring process can be draining for both the employer and the potential employees. Employers get to sit and stare at that empty seat, imagining the expenses piling up from not having it filled. The interview process takes days, weeks, months even, and the money lost just keeps piling up in that empty chair. HR is running into maximum overdrive and the other employees are getting sick and tired of having to work overtime. It’s an extremely stressful situation, but that’s just on the employer’s side.

For potential employees, the hiring process is equally stressful. They submit countless resumes and fill out countless applications in person and online, and then they have to wait. And wait. And wait. And wait, just to get a call telling them they are being considered, and then continue to wait, and wait, and wait for another call, if they’re lucky, days or even weeks later to finally tell them they can come in for a face-to-face interview. They then have to go through multiple rounds of this interviewing spread out, causing more time to be lost, and if they don’t get the job then that was all time wasted that they could have used to start the agonizing process for another job.

The bottom line, the hiring process really needs to pick up pace, for the sake of everyone – employers, current employees, and potential employees. How can this be done effectively? First off, employers, go public with your job openings! And I don’t mean simply on generic job sites, but utilize all forms of social media! Make sure you have an eye-catching job ad and have it posted up on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This will majorly increase the candidate pool for your company, and will speed up the first step in the hiring process which is collecting resumes/applications.

Another way to speed up the process is to conduct digital interviews. One of the hardest parts of the interview process is finding the right times to bring in each candidate. Digital interviewing will eliminate schedule conflicts and allows the candidate to send in their “interview” right away. This also helps HR go through the interviews faster, allowing them to watch as many recorded interviews in one day as they so please rather than having to wait days or weeks for each candidate to make it into the office. These digital interviews also play a part in helping HR choose the best suited person for the job because unlike many in-person interviews, the digital ones are recorded and will be available for review at any time.

Lastly, if you find that none of these tips are really helping speed up the process, the fastest way to improve upon this is by hiring a recruiter. The most common reason employers choose not to hire a recruiter is because they don’t want to spend any extra money on the hiring process than they have to, but what they don’t realize is that hiring a recruiter ultimately saves them money. Recruiters are skilled professionals who are trained to fill open positions in your company effectively and efficiently. Hiring a recruiter as part of your team will ultimately reap a much higher return on investment, because that empty seat that fills up with expenses as each day goes by will be filled with a new employee much faster, and you will be saved from the countless, long, drawn-out expenses that would have been forced upon you had you been trying to do it yourself, or with people who are not exactly experts on the hiring process.

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