Your Personality Matters in Leadership

The type of people that we surround ourselves with is important. Some personality types can help you flourish, and some can bring you down. It is essential to know yourself and what, or who, you need in your inner circle to be the best that you can be.

Personal or Business Related
The people that you choose to spend time with each day are critical in your development. Not only in your friendships or marriage, but in your work-life as well. The personality that someone exhibits can either benefit you or hurt you.

In your personal life, you want people who make you happy and people with who you can be yourself. The business world is a little different; while you still want to be happy with your surroundings, you also need people who will keep you motivated and progressing. The personality traits that you surround yourself with are important in many different aspects of your life.

Social Distancing Has Made This Difficult
Covid-19 hit, and everyone was told to social distance and stay home. This made mingling with people and working side-by-side with someone a bit difficult. Everything went virtual and people were working from home. This can make it challenging to stay motivated and on top of things.

The personalities that are within your home life are what you have created and chosen to be around. They fill the need for the personal relationships that you have. But, what about the business needs that you have? Your family will not be in tune with the personality traits that you are used to having at work.

Different Personality Traits
Amongst all the people that you meet, everyone is their own unique personality. The different types of characteristics are endless. Although, you can categorize them into four different types overall. Such as:

  • The Cheerleader

The person that will help you feel confident and will encourage you along the way.

  • The Collaborator

This is someone who’s going to help you expand your idea and improve your delivery.

  • The Cheddar

The person that will deliberately challenge your ideas and ask tough questions.

  • The Coach

A coach will help you understand if an idea is right for you.

All of these personality traits may exhibit themselves differently in everyone. But, they are all needed to make the business world, and home life, go round. When personalities match too closely to one another, it can make for some difficult situations.

Virtual Meetings Can Help
In the times of distancing ourselves and not being in a physical work building, the need for video conferencing is intensely important. It is a way to stay connected with other people and their abilities to challenge you. That is highly needed in the workforce from time to time.

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