Why Digital Transformation is a Matter of Survival

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Digital transformation isn’t about evolving your business and company culture slowly – it’s about adapting, surviving, and thriving.
Digital transformation has been the focus of many businesses as we collectively move through the COVID-19 pandemic and adapt to new working styles. Most new technological adoptions at the workplace have been to increase productivity, manage accountability, and a better transition to effective remote work.

What does digital transformation mean?
Digital transformation may look different for every company. This digital transformation fundamentally affects how businesses operate and how their goods/services are delivered to customers.

Beyond the implementation of technology, digital integration requires changes in leadership, organizational structure, and company culture. Digital transformation will also drive mergers and acquisitions as companies begin to see overlap that makes sense in more ways than just the goods or services that they provide customers.

Digital transformation is the biggest hurdle (and opportunity) that businesses and managers must face moving into 2023 and beyond.

Top 3 Trends in Digital Transformation for Businesses Today

1. Cybersecurity and Data Governance
Moving into 2023 and beyond, cybersecurity tools that are available to smaller businesses will become a major digital transformation trend. This will become an everyday piece for leadership to consider implementing just like HR and marketing practices.

2. Cloud Computing
The technology of cloud computing also offers security and speed that allows for businesses to pivot and adapt at a faster rate than previously thought.

3. AI and Machine Learning
Some of the current commercial uses of AI include financial services, healthcare and medicine, public safety, military, and manufacturing. As the technology continues to evolve, look to AI and machine learning to become more regular in almost every workplace in various capacities.

Reasons why Digital Transformation Matters for your Company Culture

  • Improve customer experience
  • Automate business processes internally and externally
  • Focus employee attention on things that matter
  • Increase efficiency
  • Encourage mergers, partnerships, and acquisitions
  • Gather more data for better decisions and business cases
  • There could be major drawbacks to not embracing digital transformation

Anticipate trends and begin research or implementation early to ensure that your business is maximizing a great opportunity to survive and thrive.

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