Who Would You Take On An Island With You?

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The question “Who would you want to be stuck on a desert island with” comes up every now and then and we laugh it off. You don’t really answer it, but do we really think about who we would want to be on an island with? Most of the time it is thought of as a joke, not a question that you really need a response to.

There are several people that come to mind when thinking about this question and each of those people have personalities or skills or characteristics that might be advantageous to the situation. So, let’s think about this in a real-life situation. Who would you pick to be on a desert island with?

1. Would you pick someone with skills to make you comfortable?

Would you take Martha Stewart or Gordon Ramsey so they could cook for you and you could eat well? Or would you find someone that could take the things they found in nature and make you shelter? The things you would need to sustain you, you may want to consider a record-breaking fisherman or hunter.

You need to eat to survive, so having someone who knows how to cook would be very beneficial. The shelter is also a great advantage, whether it be from the sun or the rain. Both of these skills would be assets to being stuck on an island.

2. Would you pick someone you enjoy to just be with?

Maybe, your husband or your wife would be the one you pick. Or even a best friend. Companionship is important and helps us to keep going. Giving us a balanced outlook on life and everything that is going on.

Human interaction is smoothing that is important for the soul. If you were all alone for a long period of time, you would begin to miss having someone to talk to or be with. It can make going through different situations easier when you have someone to do it with you.

3. Would you choose someone with skills to hopefully escape?

Maybe MacGyver would be who you would choose to be on a desert island with you. He would probably come up with some type of contraption that could alert help. That would be a great person to be stuck with, there would most likely be an escape plan made to get you both off of the island.

Who you’d choose to take with you could give you some ideas of the type of person you are.

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