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In our current pandemic environment, each state has its own rules and list of what is considered “essential” business activity that may continue during this time of being “sheltered in.” Pennsylvania, has a list of “life-sustaining businesses” that may continue. It is likely that every business leader is looking carefully at every aspect of their business including each product, service, employee, and expense and determining what is essential or life-sustaining for the business. This may be a great time to clear out the cobwebs and ensure that every role, from top management to entry level, and each person filling that role is essential, life-sustaining and indispensable. The following are some helpful tips:

Who is an Expert in your Company’s Value Proposition? Identify the persons in your company who have the skills to help the company better compete and then allow them to be an expert in that area to drive the company’s value proposition and competitive edge Experts tend to focus on achieving results and performing work that add to value the top and bottom line. Do they keep learning so they stay current in their field of expertise or is their expertise outdated?

Who Makes Your Job Easier? Are your direct reports busy or are they fruitful? As a leader, isn’t your job easier when you have direct reports who are accountable and reliable? For example, who checks in with you every week giving a quick status update of what they are working on, what progress they have made that week, successes, challenges and what they plan on accomplishing next week. Every person on your team should communicate and collaborate well because this makes your job as a leader easier.

Who Demonstrates Professionalism at all Times? Do all of your direct reports arrive on time, are always prepared with facts, information, and solutions, meet deadlines, promptly respond to communications, participate, and are actively engaged in fruitful work. If not, it is likely they are not professional with customers either. A professional is a thought leader who goes beyond always anticipating what needs to be done for the company’s success.

Who Adapts to Changes and Brings Value to Every Transaction? Do all of your direct reports quickly adapt to changing and uncertain environments and continue to bring value to the top and bottom line ensuring profitability and long-term success?

Who is Covering for Underperformers? Too many managers tolerate underperformers because it may appear they made a bad hiring decision or that they are not able to properly train and manage? It is now more critical than ever that every manager stop covering for underperformers and allow the top performers to thrive.

Highly desirable top performers are indispensable, essential and life-sustaining to a business finding opportunity even in these challenging times. JK Consultants has been recruiting those highly desirable top performers for 30 years.

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