Which One Are You – Boss or Leader?

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There are some major differences between a boss and a leader in the workplace. Just because you are a boss, it doesn’t make you a leader. The same goes for being a leader; it doesn’t make you a boss. Now that may leave you confused about what that really means.

Are You A Boss?
Being a boss just means that you are in charge of a business or company. You are the one who the rules and regulations flow through. The one who keeps things moving and under control. Most of the time, you are the one who has to give permission and will oftentimes give the orders of what needs to be done.

Are You A Leader?
A leader isn’t always the person who is actually in charge. They are someone who wants to help improve and can usually see the bright side of things. The motivator in situations. Most of the time they are the encourager of the group and want to see people succeed in what they are doing.

You can be a boss and a leader at the same time, but that isn’t the way that it has to be. It would probably be the ideal way for things to happen, but it isn’t necessarily the case in most instances. If the boss were a leader, things could run pretty smoothly.

Attributes Of A Leader and A Boss
When you think about a leader you may automatically pair it with the word boss. Many attributes make them different though. Here is a simple list of some examples of the differences.

  • Bosses give out a task and want it done; leaders encourage and help you through tasks.
  • Bosses direct you because of their authority over you, leaders will direct and encourage.
  • Leaders think about the long-term effects of a situation, bosses can sometimes be focused on the short-term.
  • Leaders want you to flourish and give you credit for your accomplishments; bosses can sometimes steal the credit.

Being a boss doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right mindset and abilities to encourage others. You can be both a boss and a leader, but it can require a little bit more work. Sometimes, it is a good thing to have a leader and a boss be two different people. That way there is someone else who can be turned to.

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