When Is It Time To Leave Your Job?

Some of us become so attached to our work and to our workplace that we are reluctant to even consider other opportunities. There are so many reasons we can think of to stay in an unfulfilling job including our high level of comfort with our work, customers, coworkers and physical space in which we work. We can even develop a high level of comfort with our routines including the dress code, commute and our meals. We can even allow comfort and familiarity to become so large in our minds that it prevents us from moving forward.

The following is a checklist of some of the situations in which we should definitely begin to consider looking at a new opportunity:

Something Better Comes Along: If you are offered something better in terms of career development, increased responsibility, better compensation and more challenge, you should at least consider the new opportunity.

Professional Development: Your job should provide you with opportunities for professional development including promotions, raises, new skills, certifications, education, training, conferences as well as encourage relationships with internal mentors and external professional networks.

Personal Situation: Your job should not leave you financially, emotionally, physically or mentally drained. If you are underpaid you will eventually run down your reserves. A long commute, unfair work load or unsupportive coworkers can increase your stress and reduce the time and quality of your personal/family life.

Corporate Culture/Values: Over time, you may experience a change or increased awareness of the importance of certain values that can leave you unsatisfied with your work because you are no longer aligned with the corporate culture or values. In addition, you may find that you spend your valuable time managing the corporate politics rather focusing on achieving your goals. Over time, your overall performance can diminish, your relationships may deteriorate and you may feel you are losing your support system. As yourself the following question: If you interviewed with your company today, would you want to work there?

No Passion: You may realize that you no longer have passion for your work. Your work can become routine or, on the other hand, you may have extreme pressure from tight deadlines or budget constraints draining your passion and replacing it with anxiety.

Do any of those fit you? Consider submitting your resume to a good executive search firm like JK Consultants.

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